Saturday, December 6, 2008

The HP Knitting/Crochet House Cup!

So, if any of you know me well, I've talked your ear off about The House Cup over at Ravelry. It's this great group of Harry Potter enthusiasts (among which I proudly count myself) who get Sorted into Houses, then compete in a three-month-long series of fiber-related challenges that result in one House winning the House Cup.

Dorky? Definitely!! (To me, that's sort of what makes it so fun, indulging in my HP dorkiness.) Fun? You cannot even believe how fun it is and there is no way I could properly express it to you. Also, I've met some folks through The Cup that I consdier to be real friends, not just "online-friends." The people there just plain rock. Add to all that the challenge of coming up with clever projects for the classes, the fun of learning new techniques, and producing tons of FOs, and it's a game that actually gives you something to show for it. Trust me, it's awesome.

Check it out and tell 'em I sent you!



Bobbi said...

I conside my HP cup friends to be real friends, too! I adore everyone in the group and can't wait for next session.

Jeannie said...

I'm excited for next session, too! It's fun to see the new classes assignments and try to figure out what I'm going to do for them. I learned and tried so many new things last term and I can't wait to see what the profs have up their sleeve this time around!

puckstopper9 said...

\*slowly stalks up behind Jeannie....and gives her a great big hug\* What, did you think I was going to get you back for stealing my treacle tart and giving it to foxie? lol

Jeannie said...

::gives Puck a tart:: Aw, for that, I'll give ya one to replace it. :)

Sparrow F. said...

::Yummy treacle tart slime!::
::Happy house Cup Friends Dance!::

Anonymous said...

I most definitely think of you guys as my real friends too. Next session is almost here! I'm sad that I'm working Thursday because it means I can't see the assignments until almost 7PM my time.