Friday, April 3, 2009

Hello, Stress! It must be vacation time!

Yeah, so we leave tomorrow for vacation with my parents. While vacation will be fun and relaxing, the build-up and preparation are crap. I hate stressing to get ready. Packing for four people sucks, as does all the house-type prep I feel needs to be done. We'll be visiting St Simon's Island for the first time, so that should be fun. I just wish I could get someone else to do the packing. :)

So, all that being said, I've got to find a way to get exercise in while I'm there as there is no Gold's Gym anywhere around. While I won't be completely strict with my eating (I know the day we go to Savannah will be a "free day"), I am going to restrain myself. Luckily, my stomach is starting to shrink so I'm fuller faster with less. Also, I will be keeping up with the water. It's one of my greatest fears to be anywhere but home when a kidney stone hits.

I'll have my netbook with me, and if there is internet access, I will be posting as I like the fact that I've really gotten back into my blog again.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Are you bored with gym reports yet?

I hope not! I'm still pretty excited about the fact that I haven't skipped a day yet, even though Tuesday morning and this morning, all I really wanted to do was take Xay to school then come home and crawl back into bed.

The scale isn't really moving yet, so I have to take encouragement and pride in other things. First off, I covered a mile on the elliptical this morning for the first time. I do the elliptical for 15 minutes, so I'm pretty proud that, in only my 5th workout, I've increased my stamina and intensity that much. The first day, I barely made it ten minutes and I only covered about .60 miles. I also increased my reps to 15 per set, 3 sets on my weight circuit. I was really feeling the burn this morning! Finally, on the treadmill, I was able to increase my max incline and speed by .5. Sweat, burn, sweat, burn! And, I feel good, so yay. :)

I also wanted to share some great foods I've recently discovered in my "Search for What I Can Eat!" First, GV Brand BeneFIT Yogurt (get it at WalMart). It's a probiotic yogurt, so it's good for your immune and digestive systems. Add to that the sensibly sized portion (70 calories per cup), dose of calcium and it really tastes good. Really. This from a person who doesn't really like yogurt. Next up, Special K's Blueberry cereal. 100 calories per 3/4 cup serving, plus loads of vitamins and a good bit of fiber, just like all of Special K's cereal. And, can I just say YUM?! Because, seriously, it's good. Special K really knows how to make a good, tasty cereal in flavors that make it easier not to eat the bad stuff. I can't recommend the Chocolaty Delight enough and I'm glad to add Blueberry to my list of favorites. PS I love cereal and eat it any time of the day or night, so it's good to have smart choices on hand.

Another thing I've realized about myself is that I am more motivated when I read fitness magazines targeting women. I especially like Shape, so I treated myself to a two-year subscription. They've always got great workouts and advice for routines that get you into shape whether you have a gym membership or not. So, if at the end of my six-month membership I decide not to renew for some reason, I can still keep working hard to get to my goals. Plus, reading about fitness keeps my eyes on the prize and helps me do something everyday that's good for my body.

Finally, the biggest, and most surprising for me, is how much everyone's encouragement here, on Twitter and on Facebook has meant to me. I'm normally not very public about my struggles with my weight and fitness because I don't want to be embarrassed if I fail. But, hearing all the wonderful comments has really given me a boost of initiative I might not have if I weren't able to share this with my friends and hear back how much they are rooting for me. So, thank you to all my wonderful friends! You have really touched my heart and you make me feel like I can do anything!


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Today is a good day.

It's a good day when old injuries don't hurt
when my body feels strong and capable,
like a faithful dog pulling at the leash,
straining for new sights, sounds, smells.

It's a good day when old hurts no longer injure
when my heart is open and free from pain,
like a child's heart that loves and laughs,
without exacting a price.

It's a good day when I don't even think of old hurts and injuries
When my mind is alive and eager
waiting, like a quivering arrow,
to spring upon the next grand scheme.

It's a good day when:
I feel like I could dance forever.
I feel like I will love always.
I feel like I'm on the verge of genius for its own sake.

Today is a good day.