Thursday, October 22, 2009

Something Xay said today that I want to preserve....

This morning, while driving to school, Xay and I noticed a flock of small black birds flying over the trees. They weren't in formation, and it seemed like they had just been spooked and flew up in a cloud.

Xay said, "Hey, did you see that?"

I told him I had.

He then said, "They looked like a thumbprint."

It was a singularly poetic statement, and for a moment, I was speechless. He's an amazing child.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Who Alchemy is hosting in 2010

Alchemy is very excited to be hosting four amazing artists in workshop next year! Save the dates:

March 20: Aziza Nawal!

Have you met Aziza Nawal? Alchemy calls her "The Chuck Norris of Bellydance"! Incredible precision and a playful attitude combine to make her dynamite on stage! Her drum solos are killer.

June 26: Amberetta!

With grace and poise, Amberetta makes every movement onstage look effortless. Known for her flawless double swords, she infuses a strength into every piece and works tirelessly to inspire her students and fellows dancers.

Third Quarter: Ariellah and the Sideshow Tour!

The Sideshow Tour will not only feature the incomparable Ariellah, but also the evocative Frederique, and couture clothier Black Lotus who helps Ariellah fashion her signature looks.

Here is a look at Ariellah, spellbinding the audience with her dark themes, intense emotion, and impeccable technique.

And, here find Frederique, with a vintage feminine beauty that defies categorization.

Ariellah is currently out of the country, but when she returns, we will announce a firm date for this amazing tour! Alchemy is so excited to be bringing Ariellah to the CSRA for the first time. Not only do we greatly admire her and her work, but we know she is a real favorite in our community.

December 4: Amani Jabril!

Amani is a highly educated dancer who has immersed herself in world dance. As an artist, she combines a high standard of technique with a deep knowledge of cultural nuance and a smoldering sensuality. She's fun and her love of dance creates an atmosphere where learning is easy and the student comes away with more than just a few new moves.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Feel free to leave comments here! As always, you can also check out Alchemy for up-to-the-minute info! We have a website, Twitter, Facebook (see the sidebar to the right) and tribe!

BB! And here's to an exciting 2010!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Busy, busy!

Just a little update:

I've been making alot of "stuff" lately. I hate to use such a non-specific word, but there's such a wide variety that I can't be more specific without an exhaustive list. My costume for Southern Mirage this weekend is DONE! W00t!! I'll post pics when I can.

I've also completed all the projects for this month's HPKCHC assignments that I wanted to hand in. Yay!

Also, Alchemy got some AMAZING news recently regarding an artist we will be hosting in 2010. We are so excited, but we want to hold the announcement until this weekend when we will have a big reveal at the show. I'm overjoyed that we are hosting this artist because I've admired their work for a very long time and to be a part of bringing them to the CSRA for the first time is an amazing opportunity that I feel so grateful to be a part of.

I've got to share a wonderful video about one amazing dancer:

And, no, that's not a hint about the paragraph above! lol Ok, that's all for now. :)