Thursday, December 4, 2008

Life is all about synergy


syn·er·gy (sĭn'ər-jē) n.
pl. syn·er·gies

The interaction of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects.

Ok, first, I need to apologize for not giving the other half of my Twilight review yet. I'm a slacker. I promise I will get to it!

Now, for the point of this little entry: Synergy. Synergy is basically when the combination of a few things ends up being bigger and better than any of them were when they were apart. A loving relationship can (and hopefully, is) like that. Two people get together, and suddenly, they are greater for being together, they can possibly produce children (really becoming greater than the sum of themselves: 1+1=3... or 4... or 13, whatever) and they are just generally better because they have that other person in their life.

For the record, yes, my marriage is like this. :) It's more than I can describe here.

Anywho, I'm here today to talk about little synergies. The epiphany I had this morning is that I have two ordinary (wonderful, but ordinary) things on hand: sugar cookie dough and Hershey's kisses. My oldest son asked this morning if we could make cookies today. Of course, I said yes. Then, when I realized I have everything on hand to introduce him to a whole new cookie that also happens to be one of my favorites, I literally stopped what I was doing and broke out in the biggest smile!

That simple dough, those chocolate kisses, and maybe a few sprinkles, are going to produce a synergistic combination of a cookie that is truly greater than any one ingredient alone. Also, an afternoon of making cookies, no matter the ingredients, will produce something far greater for me and my kids than just a few batches of goodies.

So, dear reader, look for the moments of potenial synergy in your life, then work to bring about that entelechy. (Look it up, you'll be better for it. ;))



Michelle said...

You know, every parent should remember take every moment to make something special out of whatever you have with your children. Time when they are young and so full of wonder and amazement is so short. Thanks for reminding me of that! (I know I tend to forget, especially when things get stressful.)

Jeannie said...

Michelle, I think we all do. The small stuff in life has "short-man syndrome" and is constantly trying to find a way to be bigger than what it really is! lol So, you have to take time and put the small stuff, the transient fluff that will not be remembered, in it's place. It's important, but it's not What's Important.

Also, I need to do the Seven Things you tagged me for! I forgot!


mari said...

Shortbread cookies with the hershey's kiss in the middle is awesome too :)