Monday, August 31, 2009

Sun and Moon Earrings

Sun and Moon Earrings
These are the notes I took for a friend, not a true pattern, so please bear with me and PLEASE feel free to ask questions!

They are really pretty simple and once you get the thread onto the earring, it’s not much different than any other crochet. I used two hoops of different metal-tone, with the silver being slightly larger due to the optical illusion of size given to the Sun earring with the stitches being outside the circle. The Moon would seem puny in comparison.

You’ll work with the right side facing you, even when you turn the work, it just seems to work out like that. I used a size B hook and size 5 crochet thread. Make a slip stich just like you always would but with a tail at least two inches long, then slip the hook inside the circle and under to catch the thread around the earring. Pull up a loop, catch the thread and pull through to make the first single crochet stitch.(You’re sort of treating the earring like it’s your foundation chain, and you’re making a row of single crochet on it.) Continue in this way until you have the desired umber of stitches. (There may be another or better way to do this. This is what I stumbled on in my experimenting and it works, so I keep using it. :))

For the Sun, I used 40 stitches, but any number divisible by five works; I’ve used this pattern with as few as 15 stitches and as many as 180. It always looks great. :) You want to use enough stitches that they are close on the earring, but not so many that the stitches on top are curving around themselves. After you get your first row onto the earring, ch one and turn then begin this pattern going back the other way: sc, dc, tc, dc, sc. Don’t be afraid to pull your stitches tight. If you allow the second dc and sc to go loose, you don’t get that nice bump on the surface. Once you get to the end, break thread, pull through the last loop and tie this end to the beginning tail. Snip close and superglue the knot for security.

For the Moon, you are going to begin the same way, only you don’t want enough stitches to cover the earring. I made enough to cover half the hoop in the same manner as the Sun. When you get to the end, turn work (do not ch 1 before turning, this creates a little bump in the end where you want it to be smooth), sk next st and sl st for the next four stitches. From here you will sc decr across until the last four or three stitches, depending on how many you have at the end. When you get to the end of that row, repeat it one more time. Your stitches will be very tight and you’ll want to begin moving them to the side of the hoop and finally toward the inside. Once you complete the third row, finish off and weave in ends. Slide the stitches to the inside of the hoop (this is easiest if you bunch them up first), then slide one end all the way to the top of the hoop and spread the rest out along the hoop to create the crescent shape. The thread will be taut. Try to get the stitches spaced evenly and the shape of the Moon will follow. Be sure to superglue your knots for security once you’re happy with the shape.
Please don’t sell this pattern or products made from this pattern, or redistribute this pattern. Thanks!

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These are gorgeous, Jeannie.

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Well, Reet, these aren't threader earrings, so please don't spam my blog with your advertisement for threader earrings.

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wow, what an awesome idea!