Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Oh, I'm tired.

But, I'm not sore! Yay! Either the water is working or the treadmill after weights is really helping work the lactic acid out of my system. I have to admit, I'm really surprised that I'm even mobile today after two workouts and class last night. But, I ain't knockin' it! I'm... well, I'm impressed, really. I expected to be a wracked with pain this morning! lol

However, as the title mentions, I'm damned tired. Like alarm-clock-going-off-for-ten-minutes tired. I still made it to the gym after dropping Xay off at school and did a full workout, which lasts about 2 hours. I was hard-pressed to get on the elliptical, but I just kept telling myself, "I can quit whenever I need to... but can I make it another 30 seconds? Yes, I can." I got through my elliptical workout 30 seconds at a time, today. Same with weights, "Can I do one more set? Yes, though it burns!" LOL By the time I hit the treadmill, I was feeling good and breezed through it.

After I lose my first 15 pounds, I'm going to reward myself with a haircut, I think. Or maybe a massage. I'll see which I'm feeling more like having when that time comes, and I'll keep ya posted.


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