Sunday, August 10, 2008


I don't have any pics for you at the moment, but I will soon. Very soon in fact... like later today (as it's 1:33 AM at the moment). My troupe is getting ready for a big show next weekend at Southern Fusion Fest (SFF) so we've created a really cool new choreo, which means really cool new outfits. As soon as I get pics, I'll post them here. Just as an idea of what has gone into my outfit for this choreo, here is a list of what I created with my own two little hands:

  • A vest. Not just any vest either, a show-stopping, make-your-mouth-water-with-envy vest. Created from a reclaimed suit vest that I cropped and chopped to get it to the right shape and silouhette for bellydance, then spray painted lightly with a light gold paint to give it a dusty look. Added a few darts, some lace, a shiny, metallic stencil treatment to the back, some brassy nailheads, and oh, did I mention the amazing stand-up collar of gilded black feathers? No, well, I should have because it's frickin' awesome! Yeah, I'm happy with how this turned out. :)
  • A top to wear under the vest. I deconstructed a stretch lace top to make a nice little top to go under the vest. I think it's going to look great!

  • A new beaded necklace. Made with a metal component as the focal, to which I added a small mirror to, and soapstone, plastic, and wood beads, and shell slivers, it looks like something a jungle queen would wear. I was totally inspired with materials I already had on hand, and I cannot believe how much I like the finished product. I already had a custom-made necklace of Mari's lined up and I turned it down for my own handmade beauty.

  • Earrings. Actually, I'm still working on these. I had one made and I lost the other hoop, so I'm going to have to start over or use something I already have. I haven't decided, because I love being able to counter compliments with a "Thank you! I made it!" and earrings are one area where it seems to really impress folks. They just don't expect most people to make earrings like the crocheted ones I've been making. It's fun and gratifying. :) If I do make them, they are going to be big hoops with metallic crochet, making them huge and impactful. I already have the pattern worked out. Man, I gotta find that other hoop! I'd rather just make one more rather than a whole new pair. Maybe I'll wear something ready-to-wear for the photo shoot tomorrow and something I've made for next Saturday when we perform.

  • A belt. I used this pattern: Feminine Lace Belt. I played with the yarn and the hook, though, so it's a little different. I made it out of worsted weight cotton in Ecru from Peaches and Creme, then I tea-dyed it for an aged, worn look, and added buttons, shells, and camel bells. It's a bit weighty, so I added some hidden safety pins to make sure it doesn't fall off during the show. I'm really proud of it and I think it's going to work perfectly with the overall look.

  • Two Hipsters. One is made in this shape, and the other in this. Those are examples from my Etsy shop; the two I'm wearing are in different fabrics that compliment the costume I'm building. FYI: Hipsters are little skirts I make to wear over pants when dancing. Not just bellydance, either, but any dance.

  • A headband. Another crocheted creation, I actually made this for this costume a couple of months ago. I just decided to added some metal medallions on the sides, though, so I'd better get cracking on those! I need to make some more headbands. I love how they finish off a costume or outfit and you can make exactly what you want. I've also had a few people hint to wanting me to add them to my Etsy shop. I can't wait until I have a bit of time to add some more items to my shop!

  • Two cowrie falls. Instead of using these in my hair, as it traditional to Tribal Style bellydance, I'm going to wear them at the hips. I made these a couple of years ago to sell, and I just couldn't let them go. Even though I love them so much, I haven't yet had the opportunity to wear them. Here's a pic that should also give you a pretty good idea of the color scheme:

Ok, so that's part of what I've been up to lately. I've also been test crocheting like a madwoman on a challenging halter top. It's a little advanced for me, but I'm learning alot! As soon as the pattern is released, I'll post pics.

Just a little update, more soon!




Candi said...

I am ubber impressed with how much crochet you are getting into your bellydance costuming. I am truly in envy, but hey as long as someone is representing for the fiber world that is really all that I care about. Good luck to you and all the girls next weekend, send them all my love.

Donna said...

You do realize that either I have to see these lovelies in person or you have to post multiple photos of each component her on the blog so we can all "ooh" and "aah" over them, right?