Thursday, December 3, 2009

Can you help?

Hey there,

As some of you may know, my neighbors were robbed yesterday. The jerk took their computer, their camera, the kids' Wii and all accessories and games, and, worst of all in my opinion, the Christmas gifts for the kids. Check out this news article for more info.

What gets me is that they knew they were taking gifts for children when they stole that stuff. You don't pick up a brand-new-in-the-box toy and not realize that it's meant for a child. I don't know if they are going to sell it or give it to their own kids, but either way, it's just despicable. The neighbor kids and my kids play together, and it just broke my heart when I heard about what happened. Their youngest daughter was with them when they found the back window shattered and the door wide open. She was terrified. I've rarely seen a child that upset.

I want to help them, in any way we can. My husband, Jason, already got them a computer through work. It's not new, but it's theirs to keep and will get them through until they can get something better, if they'd like. I'm going to pick up a gift for each of the kids, but one gift isn't enough. If anyone out there wants to donate a gift card or a toy for the kids, please contact me. Anything at all is accepted and so greatly appreciated. Just drop me a line.

Those of you who know me know my family has been struggling the last two years. I've been out of work and Christmas's have been lean. We're struggling with two cars that are on their last legs and just trying to make it. We know how this family feels. Their story is very much like ours. I know how devastated I would be if this happened to us, and it just tears me up. To know the kids are going to be so sad, that the youngest will wonder why Santa didn't come this year... it just kills me. Please, if you are able, even a $20 gift card will go a long way. Let me know and you can be Santa this year.


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