Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Swap, swap, swap.

It's no secret, I love swapping. I love giving, and receiving ain't too bad, either. I like to blog about the packages I send out so that I can later tell my partner what my thought process was. This is my latest package sent out for the Reducio Sock Swap (Round 7), and the theme was "Aboard the Hogwart's Express!" I decided I wanted to do a traveling/back-to-school slant to this, so I collected items to that end. Here's the whole shebang!:

On the travel side, I sent travel playing cards in a case, travel stickers, travel-themed stitch-markers (which I made), a magic towel (no traveler, or hitch-hiker should be without one!), suckers and a luggage tag in the shape of a frog, which is one animal students are allowed to bring to Hogwart's.

On the back-to-school side, I sent hand sanitizer, recycled pencils, a highlighter, a Sharpie, a calendar, a pencil case, tic-tacs (the her House colors, and no one should go to school with bad breath!), feet-shaped paper clips (good for the travel theme, too), and a few patterns, because we are always looking to learn somethign new. :)

Of course, we always include two hand-made fiber items. This time I sent this little knit bag that I improvised from my Virtue Bookmark pattern:

The back, plain stockinette:

The front. See that tiny cable?!? I could die! :D :

After I made thi bag, I showed it to Xay and his response was, "That looks great! You must be Reducioing again!" LOL I love that he has been drawn into my fandom. :D

And, this little, tiny sock, which is all stripey! I love tiny stitched things!

I sent the package off with a note from my spoilee's Aunt Clara, the Pretty Witch. I gave no other clue as to who I am, but I figure that's a pretty big one considering my Rav name is pretywtch. :) I really hope she enjoys it because I was VERY lucky to get one of my fave Rav people as my partner! I can't wait to see what she thinks! :D


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Anonymous said...

My sister saw the package and texted me. I asked who it was from and when she said "Aunt Clara, the Pretty Witch" I knew instantly that it was you.

Thanks so much! I loved everything in the package. And the shark stickers made me giggle.