Friday, July 10, 2009

I don't know where I was when Michael Jackson died, but I know when the new Harry Potter movie comes out!

That is so true. Sad? You may think so, but to me it makes perfect sense. :D

And, FINALLY, Xay is getting into Harry Potter, too, so we have plans to go see the movie with Mari after it comes out. Now, we won't be going to the midnight premiers, mostly because I love the idea of crowds and all their crazy outfits, but the actuality sorta sucks, so we will be going soon.

So, being a cheapskate and craftaholic, I wanted us to have stuff to wear, but I can't justify $26 shirts at the mall that I just kinda like. Well, along comes a little blog entry by Pren at Wilcox Wizard Wears on a tee she did from a fabulous tut by Jennifer Ofenstein over at sewhooked blog. Jennifer made this fantastic video tutorial on freezer paper stencils for fandom (and other) tees, check it out:

What does all this add up to? You got it! It adds up to me making t-shirts for me and Xay. He's a Ravenclaw and everyone knows I'm a Slytherin gal, so we got shirts that proclaim our Houses. I've also crocheted a headband, wristcuff, belt, and bag to complete my Slytherin mania. Xay has proclaimed that he also wants a wrist cuff and belt, so I'll be whipping up those in Ravenclaw colors for him before we head out.

Ok, I made a photo diary of my tee making adventure, to show y'all how I did it. Let the pics begin!!

First, find a tee in the color you want. Iron it lightly.

Now, using the video tut from above, make your stencil(s). I made one for the front (crest) and the back (House name).

"What's next?", you ask? Ah, if you were following along with the video tut, you are ready to iron the freezer paper mask onto the shirt! So, let's do so:

Here is where I start going crazy and doing my own thing. First, I tape off the stencil with tissue paper to avoid as much splashback as I can on the stencil I don't need any cool cloudy effects.

With a piece of cardboard inside to prevent bleed-through, you are ready to take it outside! Because, yes, we are going to SPRAY PAINT!! W00t!!

Ok, enough talking about it, paint, baby!!! I used metallic silver spray paint. You'll notice on the crest, I didn't mask. I wanted some overspray, and you'll see why.

Allow it to dry for about ten minutes, and remove all masks.

Be slightly sad about shoddy masking and overspray on the House Name, but ecstatic about how it turned out overall. Place on kid. Marvel at his cuteness.

Grin like a fool and forget to get a pic of the back on the kid. Be so happy he likes it. Make one for the baby, who has yet to go to Hogwart's so belongs to the House of Love still. Marvel at his cuteness.

Promptly make one for yourself.

I made mine a little differently to accomodate for the shape of the neckline and the "shelf." I hate when design is lost because of the shape of my body. So, I designed around my body. :) These look so much better in real life than these pics, and I could not be happier! I can't wait to wear them to the movie!

I got the Slytherin snake stencil from Makani at The Leaky Cauldron. Thank you, Makani! The crest and the raven I found through an online search. I even posted these on Leaky as part of the July Craftalong, the first I've participated in. Can you tell that I LOVE how these turned out! Seriously, y'all should try it!

Yay for fandom!



sewhooked said...

I like the overspray, it looks awesome and if you hadn't said anything, I would have thought it was on purpose!

Excellent job...and thanks for the pimp!

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh so cool looking! I like the overspray, too. It's like a sunburst effect surrounding the design.

Pren said...

oh those came out soooo great! i like it when stencils are off set like your slytherin one. one of my twilight stencils i did like that too. and i did marvel at the cuteness hahaha.

Jeannie said...

Thanks, everyone! They were so fun and I'm already plotting more... MUHAHAHA!!!


Donna said...

These are fantastic, Jeannie!