Thursday, June 26, 2008

I've been busy lately!

Hey everyone!!

I just added a TON of my Hipsters to my Etsy store, The Cypher's Den. Please check it out! If you are local, decide to get something, and want to pick it up in class or meet me, let me know first so I can make another listing with free shipping. It's always nice to save a few bucks! :)

I was also fortunate enough to get a couple of custom orders through Etsy for my earrings, one of which from The PurpleFern who is opening an all-handmade shop in Virginia. I was so flattered when she asked me to provide her with several pairs, and once colors were chosen, I got down to work with a passion. It was fun to have a reason to make so many different colors and styles.

My Etsy Shop is bursting with new stock and I've gotten a few new Avon customers lately, so my plan to try to stay home with the kids instead of getting a job outside of the house is well underway. Please keep your fingers crossed for me that I get lots and lots of customers! :)

Well, I'm off to cut out some more Hipsters! I hope to sew them tomorrow and get started on some more earrings and some new bracelets I've desgined tonight. Yay!


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